Masjid Al Hayy Tour

October 13, 2017

On Friday, October 13th, Pastor Paul Hoyer from Holy Cross Lake Mary brought four of his students to conduct a tour of the mosque. Sheikh Mujtaba introduced the various aspects of the mosque, such as the calligraphy inscribed into the walls and the verses and their meanings. There were great conversations regarding the principles of justice, the value of life, and the significant impact of role models such as Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the Prophet Muhammad and his family (peace be upon them). It is more important than ever that we build these bridges with our neighbors so that we can follow the principles of the Qur’an and AhlulBayt, where the Qur’an says: ‘O People of the Book! Come to a word common between us and you: that we will worship no one but God, and that we will not ascribe any partner to Him, and that we will not take each other as lords besides God.’ - Quran (3:64)


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