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Maghribain salaat is held at the center daily, Zohrain and Fajr salaat is held at the center every weekend. Fajr salaat is followed by a hearty breakfast.


8 Dec
19:45 Eid-e-Zahra

7:45 PM
Isha Namaaz
Hadith e Kisa by Ebrahim Kassam
Dua Kumail by Hasnain Karim
Munajat by Mustafa Shivji
Majlis by Syed Shabeer Kirmani
Qasida by Mohamed Moledina
Ziyarat Warisah by Dr Amir Bhalwany

This week

9 Dec
20:00 Ziyarat Majlis - Marhum Muallim Muhammadhusein Kermalli

No event information available

10 Dec
14:00 Milad un Nabi - Senior Ladies Event

No event information available

14 Dec
16:00 Quran Club

Quran Club aims to make the children realize that it's not just a book to recite in times of need without understanding, but words from the Almighty that can be used as a manual of lessons to apply to our every day life. We aim to make the children fall in love with Quran by improving their reciting skills and more importantly understanding what they read. Insha'Allah, We plan to do so through engaging the children in topics of interest and activities that will create a fun learning environment.

15 Dec
20:00 Thursday Program

No event information available


16 Dec
20:00 Milad of Rasulillah (saww)

No event information available

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