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Sun 5 Feb
06:22 PM - Shahadat of Bibi Zaynab [AS]

Eve of 15th Rajab
6:22 PM - Maghribain Salaat
6:50 PM - Surah Yaseen by Ammar Ladak
7:00 PM - Marsiya by Janmohamed Brothers
7:10 PM - Announcements
7:15 PM - Majlis by Saiyid Hasan Rizvi
7:55PM - Matam by Janmohamed Brothers
8:05 PM - Matam by Abbas Lalji
8:15 PM - Ziyarat
8:20 PM - Nyaaz

Fri 10 Feb
Juma Salaah

12:42 PM - Juma Khutba and Salaat


Fri 17 Feb
Juma Salaah

12:42 PM - Juma Khutba and Salaat

Fri 24 Feb
Juma Salaah

12:41 PM - Juma Khutba and Salaat

Fri 3 Mar
Juma Salaah

12:40 PM - Juma Khutba and Salaat

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