The subcommittees at HIC play an important role in the community and are our integral to our success.  If you're interested in getting involved in any of the subcommittees, please contact the chair of the subcommittee you are interested in joining or a member of the managing committee.

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Manages the Burial Assistance Program for members to help with burial costs.

  • Imran Lakha (Chair)
  • Raza Dhanji
  • Sibtain Yusufali


Helping young couples prepare for their journey together in life through affording them the opportunity to better understand their relationship and the sacrament of marriage. Also dedicated to offering pre­ and post­marital counseling services, conflict resolution, workshops and seminars. These services are open to engaged couples, newlyweds and those blessed with many years of marriage.

  • Raza Dhanji (Chair)
  • Meheboob Jagani
  • Kaniz Jagani
  • Sakina Manekia
  • Kashif Shaikh
  • Jabeen Shaikh
  • Zahira Ladak
  • Fatima Abdulhussein
  • Sameera Yusufali


The first point of contact for any deaths in the community. Responsible for coordinating and undertaking all funeral rites between with the bereaved family, funeral home, cemetery and Managing Committee.

If you're interested in volunteering, please get in touch.

  • Alhaj Mohamedraza Janmohamed (Chair)

Review and evaluate current investment projects. Plan and implement fiscal projects that generate ongoing revenue resulting in long­ term sustainability for the community.

Review, recommend and facilitate the implementation of all capital projects in a transparent and cost­effective manner, with a mission to ensure HIC develops facilities that will cater for the spiritual, practical, social and financial needs of the community.

The committee will comprise of business people and financial professionals, experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields.

  • Aliraza Manekia (Chair)
  • Riyaaz Jivraj
  • Mohamed Musleem
  • Imtiyaz Nathoo
  • Shaukat Parpia


Assist the Director of Operations in overseeing the maintenance of our facilities to provide a safe environment for the community, and ensures that the facilities are maintained in the most cost effective manner.

  • Mohamed Dhalla (Chair)
  • Bashir Dewji
  • Shabir Pirbhai

Manages and operates audio and visual equipment to facilitate smooth operations of all HIC programs. Also responsible for managing live streaming and the online audio & video library.

  • Mazahir Janmohamed (Chair)
  • Ally Dewji
  • Aliasghar Jagani
  • Ali Janmohamed


Responsible to establish the first day of each Islamic month and keep the members informed of important Islamic dates.

  • Alhaj Mohamedraza Janmohamed (Chair)

Extend HIC’s reach into the Greater Orlando community by building relationships through networking and collaborative events (educational and social), and promoting the message of Islam while clearing misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.

  • Aunali Khaku (Chair)
  • Husain Jaffer
  • Taazim Jessa


Plan and organize activities where seniors could gather, support each other, learn together, become active and have fun. To incorporate educational, physical and mentally stimulating programs together with ongoing social and religious programs.

  • Masuma Bhalwany (Co-Chair)
  • Murtaza Karim (Co-Chair)
  • Jamila Gulamhussein
  • Mustafa Pirmohamed
  • Murtaza Mohamed Hirji
  • Preet Manji


Manage HIC’s presence on social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

If you're interested in volunteering, please get in touch.

  • Imran Pirmohamed (Chair)
  • Atiya Karim Jessa

Task Force Subcommittee (TFS) shall oversee two functions for the community:


Members of the subcommittee shall strive to provide a safe and secure place of worship for all congregants.


Members of the subcommittee shall assist the management during HIC events in and outside the center. At the same time create volunteer opportunities to address community needs and to inspire others for a lifetime commitment to service the community for the sake of Allah SWT

Sameer Daudaly (Chair)
Abbas Alloo
Ali Fidahussein
Ali Haji
Ali Kumail
Aliasghar Alloo
Azhar Manji
Azim Manji
Fayaaz Virani
Hani Jessa
Hasnain Ladhu
Khozeif Merali
Imran Virani
Imran Jamal
Jabir Walji
Qamber Bhimji
Kassim Bhimji
Mazaher Kassam
Mohammed Abbas Ladha
Mohsin Janmohammed
Mustafa Fidahussein
Riyaaz Jiviraj
Yusuf Peera


Responsible for evaluating and implementing solutions for all of HIC's technology needs. This includes development and maintenance of the new website and mobile applications as well as liaising with other subcommittees to determine how they can use technology to meet their needs.

  • Munsifali Rashid (Chair)
  • Sultan Yusufali
  • Mazahir Janmohammed


Supports the Managing Committee in welcoming and integrating newcomers into the HIC family. They will provide assistance and guidance to the newcomers to move into and settle in the area with regard to housing, schools, transportation, food and supplies, etc.

Visit for more information.

  • Shabbir Kara (Chair)
  • Farah Dhanji
  • Rizwan Manji
  • Samiha Nathoo
  • Kassamali Parpia
  • Parveen Somji
  • Zainab Suleiman


Help members of the community in need of assistance.

  • Zahir Somji (Chair)
  • Imran Lakha
  • Sidika Manji
  • Sibtain Yusufali


To empower the youth to foster positive change through recognizing their purpose in our community, and to give back to society to serve for the greater good.




  • Kumail Jessa (President)
  • Fatemah Lakha (Vice President)
  • Akeela Manekia
  • Komail Lakha
  • Kamran Datoo
  • Fatema Fazal
  • Hassan Manekia
  • Ali Asghar Mukhi
  • Ali Musleem
  • Saamiya Pirbhai
  • Masuma Somji
  • Irfaan Bhimji (Liason)
  • Shaista Bhimji (Liason)