March 30th, 2023 (8th Ramadhan 1444)



Gents Darsa Via Zoom
5:00 PM - Gents Darsa Via Zoom
(Link to join Darsa via Zoom)

06:30 PM - Ramadhan Program
Eve of 9th Ramadhan
6:30 PM - Ladies Darsa
7:25 PM - Surah Qiyamah by Hasan Bhimji
7:35 PM - Dua Kumail by Mohsin Khalfan
7:57 PM - Maghribain Salaat
8:15 PM - Iftaar
8:40 PM - Gents Darsa
9:00 PM - Quran Khani for the Isale Sawaab of Marhuma Rubab bai Mohamed Taki Remtulla and all Marhumeen
9:10 PM - Dua Iftitah by Husayn Bhimji & Ashhad Mohammed
9:30 PM - Majlis by Sheikh Abbas Ismail
10:00 PM - Dua Faraj and Ziyarat Waritha by Ali Jawad Parpia

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