September 20th, 2018 (10th Muharram 1440)

Masjid Al Hayy is open daily for all Salaat. Zohrain and Magribain Jamaat will be at Awwal Waqt and Fajr Jamaat will be approximately 30 minutes after Adhan (see weekly newsletter for exact time).



10:30 AM - Day of Ashura
Day of Ashura and Shahadat of Imam Hussein AS

10:45 AM - Aamal of Ashura
10:45 AM - Parallel Interactive Aamal in the dining hall
1:21 PM - Zohrain Namaaz
Marsiya 1 by Hussein Manekia
Marsiya 2 by Mohammed A Kermali
Marsiya 3 by Riyaz Manji
Majlis by Dr Akber Mithani
Taboot Nawha by Anjuman-e-Zehra
Matam 1 by Abbas Gulamhussein
Matam 2 by Abbas Peera
Ziyarat-e-Taziya by Ally Najafali

Majlis at Cemetary
4:45 PM - Majlis at Cemetary

Ladies Majlis
5:15 PM - Ladies Majlis

07:30 PM - Shame Ghariba
Shame Ghariba

7:39 PM - Maghribain Namaaz
Sura Yaseen by Syed Askari Hasan
Dua Kumail by Ali Riza Karmali
Marsiya 1 by Kassim Bhimji
Marsiya 2 by Ebrahim Kassam
Majlis by Dr Akber Mithani
Taboot Nawha by Rizwan Manji
Matam by Anjuman-e-Zehra
Ziyarat Warisah by Inayat Walli

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