June 14th, 2024 (6th Dhul Hijjah 1445)



08:00 PM - Wafat of Imam Muhammad Al-Baquir [AS]
Eve of 7th Dhul Hijjah
8:00 PM - Sura Yaseen by Amir Bhalwany
8:10 PM - Dua Kumail by Abbas Peera
8:39 PM - Maghribain Salaat
9:05 PM - Marsiya by Mujahid Janmohamed
9:10 PM - Announcements
9:15 PM - Majlis by Saiyid Hasan Rizvi
9:55 PM - Matam by Hassanain Ladhu
10:00 PM - Ziyarat Waritha by Ebrahim Kassam

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