Church Group Visit

September 08, 2016

HIC had the honor of hosting Rev. Scott DeVries from the Presbyterian Church in Longwood along with approximately 25 members of their affiliated churches who came from South Carolina, Georgia, and Istanbul, Turkey.

The program started with a warm welcome speech from our President Inayat Walli, followed by a captivating historical account of our community's ancestral roots by Br. Mohamedraza Janmohamed. Following this was a brief explanation of the Shi'a school of thought by Br. Hussain Alnashed.

Cordial conversations on building heart to heart interfaith relations were held in small groups along with a tour of the center. The guests were treated with HIC's signature tea, mandazi, and somosa which provided our guests with a memorable experience of the rich culture our community has to offer.

We look forward to continuing to build relations with other churches and further enhancing our outreach programs in the coming months.



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