Interfaith Luncheon

January 24, 2017

On Tuesday, January 24th, a delegation from HIC had the honor to share lunch with our brothers and sisters from the Jewish and Christian faith in downtown Orlando as part of an ongoing interfaith outreach effort. The Christian and Jewish congregations were led by Pastor Josh Bell from Spring of Life United Methodist Church and Rabbi Hillel Skolnik from Southwest Orlando Jewish congregation respectively. HIC was represented by 11 dynamic and outgoing members who shared their experiences and perspectives as Muslims on the theme of "Faith and Food". 

The lunch was a success by all standards. About 25 participants in total took the time to share our common values for love, understanding and compassion. While getting to know people from another faith was part of the objective, the greater goal achieved for all, was to plant the seed for long lasting friendships based on mutual respect and endearing love. Mission accomplished!


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