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Interfaith Panel

April 22, 2018

HIC Outreach hosted our first Interfaith Panel on April 22nd where 5 faith leaders shared insights of their faiths. The faiths represented were Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

We feel very blessed to have all the leaders from different faiths come along and focus on a common goal of getting to know each other and spread love within our communities.

Let’s continue to flourish together as one, for we are all God’s creation. Let’s take this opportunity to make a positive impact in each other’s lives by building bonds of friendship between our communities and families.

“It was wonderful to meet each of you and to have a chance to learn from you. In the words of Dr. White, my spirit was also full as I left yesterday. Thank you!  If there is anything myself, my Co-Pastor David, or my community can do to be helpful to your communities, please let me know” Pastor Meghan

Thank you to all the presenters and volunteers for making this event possible.


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