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Project Pine Crest

December 23, 2016

He who sleeps contentedly while his neighbors sleep hungry is not a true believer." - Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)

What better way to spread Islam than to act upon the teachings of our Holy Prophet (s) and his family (a)? With this, HIC has taken the initiative to extend a helping hand to a neighboring school, Pine Crest Elementary School that carries a big population that is in desperate need of help. Alhamdulillah this first month, Project Pine Crest collected $1500 which was used to shop for items that would stock up the food pantry enough to serve the children during Christmas break. The items were delivered by HIC Preseident, Inayat Walli and a group of volunteers led by Fatemah Kermalli Najafali, on Monday, December 19th. The Principal and staff members were very welcoming and appreciative. 
In an email the next day, Mr. Agosto wrote, "Building partnerships with our community is essential to the success of our students and Pine Crest community. Thank you for your willingness to be part of our overall efforts to best meet the needs of our students and I look forward to continued collaboration."

With continued support from HIC members, Project Pine Crest will continue on a monthly basis until the school year ends. You can get involved by donating canned items or cash through HIC. Let us act upon the teaching of Ahlulbayt to the best of our abilities. Surely, the reward is with Him.


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